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Learn to become an entrepreneur in 5 solid steps.

Five Steps to Live Like An Entrepreneur is a step-by-step approach on how to be an entrepreneur. This book provides real-life examples and simple language that can help anyone in the world find their product, business, and niche in the world marketplace.

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“What I admire about the author, Prince, is that he practices what he preaches. Integrating what he has learned from experience, into his books The B.A.R. Method and Five Steps to Live Like an Entrepreneur, is gold. He is not only making waves in the black entrepreneur community but throughout global communities. Don’t let his gentle demeanor fool you; he’s the epitome of consistency, drive, and hard work.”

Regina Van de Velden
Courageously Free Traveler

“Prince Sefa-Boakye’s The B.A.R Method and Five Steps to Live Like an Entrepreneur handbook are gifts to any future and aspiring entrepreneur; they are guides to your personal and business development. Prince’s books have helped me achieve the most monumental goal I have ever set for myself, authoring my first book, Reflections of a Woman’s Indiscretions.” Prince whom I met on a cruise when he was just a young teenager, is the same person who helped me achieve one of my dreams which is to be a published author. I thank God for his divine connections. The only person who can hold you back is you.”

Sharine Jones-Weaver
Entrepreneur and Founder of Restoring a Woman’s Reverence

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